» » No Artist - 200 Of The Most Sought After Samples & Scratches Vol. 3

No Artist - 200 Of The Most Sought After Samples & Scratches Vol. 3 FLAC album

Performer: No Artist
Genre: Hip-hop / Audio
Title: 200 Of The Most Sought After Samples & Scratches Vol. 3
Country: US
Released: 1998
Style: DJ Battle Tool, Special Effects, Spoken Word, Speech
Label: Not On Label (DJ)
Catalog Number: DJ-03
FLAC version ZIP size: 1110 mb
MP3 version ZIP size: 1692 mb
WMA version ZIP size: 1457 mb
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 593


1Uh Uh Q-Tip
2The Real Hip Hop
3That's Right
4I Have Arrived
5My, My, Love
6Like A Good Woman Should
7No Reggae
8Ah Get It Baby
9How Much Time Left
10Sound Of The Police
126 Million Ways To Die
13Listen 2 Da Vibe
14I'm Cold Rock' It 2
15Word Up
16Watch It Now
18Reload & Come
19Zapp Slide
20Sorry Muther Fr
212 People Gettin' It On
22And The Rain Comes Down
23Lets Rock This Party
24See Ya'
25Lord Have Mercy
26Ba Na Na Ba
27Bout' Ta Bounce
28Can I Be Your Only Man
29Like Booyaow
30Grab The Mic
32Now Everybody Dance
33Drum Roll
34Shake Whatcha' Mama Gave Ya
35Chill Sucker M.C.'s
36I'm Lookin For Mr. Right
37It's All Entertainment
38Can I Get A T-Shirt?
39I Thought There Was More
40Dip, Slide, Float, Glide
41U Wanna Get Down
42Insane Scream 2
43Hey Dj
44Boom Click, I'm Sick
45Turn 2 Da B-Side
47Don't Change Da Channel
48Get Up
49Takin' It From Da Top
50Talkin' Bout My Mom
51Ya' Better See Me Kid
52I'm Tweaking
53I'm Inspired
54Chronic Inhale 2
55Spread Love
56I Can Feel It
57Why? Tell 'Em Dad
58Ya Betta Ax Somebody
59Run It
60Deez Nuts
61Someone Special
62Stupid Def Beat
63A One Two
64I'm Cold Rockin It
65Time For Da' Show
66Soo High Feelin' Fine
67Damn Skippy I'm Wit It
68Life Just Begun
69Listen For The Beat Box
70It's Time
71I Promise 2 Funk
72Intro Horns/Hit It
731, 2, 3 Break
74Blaze Da Chronic
75Here We Are Together
76Straight To Dat
77The Scream
78I Say
79Ah Wee Wee
80Goin' Out To The Money Makers
81Oh, Oh, Oh
82The Best In Country Music
83Lay Some Funk On U
84Time To Get Buzy
85Lemonade Still Is
86Turn The Music Off
87Check It Out
88Pass It, Dat's It, I'm Blasted
89Pump Me Up
90Can U Dig?
91Puff On Da' Bomb
92Here I Go Again
93I Work Baby
94Get Buzy Y'all
95Commin' Straight Ragga
96Funk Guitar
98Have You Ever Wakened
99Nasty Dogg
101Hit Me
102A Mr. Right
103We Gonna Do A Song
104Make Me Come
105On & On & On
106Gone Tomorrow
107Radio Change
108Have Lot's Of Money
109One 4 The Treble
110Bird Chirp
111Let Me Know What U Want
112Alright Let's Do It
114Boostin' Da Bass Tone
115Unmistakeably Funky
116Whale Screech
117The Rhyme Is Def
118Peace Y'all
119Please Call The Police
120Not Just Any Man
121Just A Touch
122A Sexy Sax
123To Da Beat Y'all
124Everybody Just Scream
125My Dad Is The Best MC
126Do Y'all Rap?
128Tell Him I Want Him Tonight
129Volume Pass Da' Limit
130Some People Can't Handle The Streets
131My, My, My, My
132It's Your's
133Alcoholic Scratch 1
134Get Buzy
135Word Is Bond
136Clap Ya' Hands Everybody
137Your Last Message
138Pork Chops
139It's Like This Yall
140You Give Good Love
141Work On This Song
142Who Can Make Me Feel Good
143My Records Are The Best
144Yes Yes Y'all
145Don't Worry 'Bout It
147Got A Beat 4 Me
148Da Bass
150The Hip Hop Mix
151Yo What's Up Money?
152Ya' Don't Want To Mix It
153I Wanna Get Blunted
154Eh Eh Eh Ow
155Ya' Want To Put It On Tape
156Let Me Rock Da Mic
157No Rap
158Funky Horn
159Rub A Dub Dub
161My Rhymes Are Nice
162Come On Baby
163Got To Be Tall
164Jam To Da Mother
165Can U Funk Legit?
166Hey Player Enjoy The Ride
167Under Da Sun
168Curiosity Killed Da' Cat
1691994 Ho Draft
170The Request Line
171Shot Explosion
172I'm Ready, I'm Mad
174Scream For Daddy
175Make Love To My Automatic
177Lookin' For A Good Man
178Missing Link To Earth
179I Want To Ask You Some Thing
180Good Evening
181What's Up B-boys & Fly Girls
182We Smoke Chronic All Day
183Nothing Can Compare
184Nothin' But Love 4 Ya
185Someone To Light My Fire
1862 The Beat Y'all
187There Goes Da Neighborhood
188He's Got To Be Free
189Yeah Let's Do It
190Let Me Sang & Do My Thang
191That's The Way U Do It
192Descendant Of Da Sun
193Ya' Don't Hear Me Though
194It's Like This
195Shake It Now
197Let's All Get Down
198Hits Then A Laugh
199Freeze, Music Please